Suspension & Alignment Services in Winsted, MN

Are you searching for a reliable suspension, alignment and steering service shop in the greater Winsted area?

Your vehicle’s suspension helps you endure the bumps and potholes of the roads in the Winsted area. However, if your suspension or steering isn’t aligned properly, it can be extremely dangerous to continue driving.

Trusted Suspension & Steering Alignment Services

At Arvu Auto, we know how important your suspension and steering systems are to your safety. If you think your vehicle in Winsted has a problem with suspension, alignment or steering, our expert mechanics can inspect it. If we find any issues, we can fix them quickly. Before we hand back your vehicle, we’ll test it on the road to make sure it’s safe.


As a driver, you can detect a couple of symptoms that may indicate that your car’s suspension or steering has a problem. If you’re driving around Winsted and notice difficulty turning the vehicle or strange sounds when your car goes over bumps, schedule an inspection for your car with our team immediately.

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    Regular maintenance appointments can help uncover suspension, alignment and steering problems before they cause an accident. Make sure that your vehicle in Winsted is safe by getting your suspension and steering checked at least once a year.

    Expert Suspension Alignment & Steering Services in Winsted

    If you’re worried that your car might be experiencing suspension or steering problems, get it fixed as soon as possible. Give Arvu Auto a call today for top-notch suspension and alignment services in the Winsted area!


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