Camper Trailer Repair Services

Camper Trailer Repair in Cokato & Watertown, MN

Are you in need of camper trailer repair services in the West Minneapolis metro area?


When the stress of daily life starts to eat at you, nothing provides better relief than a vacation spent relaxing in your camper trailer. If your camper trailer has sustained damages in the greater Twin Cities area, bring it to Arvu Auto for a full range of repairs.

The Best Camper Trailer Repair in Minnesota

Arvu Auto has been performing camper trailer repair services in the west metro for more than 15 years. As an ASE-certified vehicle repair shop, you can trust that our mechanics have the tools and the experience they need to perform any and all repair services for your camper trailer. We obtain trailer parts from reputable vendors, such as NAPA, to ensure the best possible quality of repairs for our valued customers.

We can provide the following camper trailer repair services:

  • Repairing or replacing the headlights or the taillights of your camper trailer.
  • Inspections, repairs and replacements for your camper trailer’s braking system.
  • Alignments and adjustments to your camper trailer’s suspension system.
  • Repairs and replacements for the wheel bearings on your camper trailer.

The #1 Camper Trailer Repair Team in the West Minneapolis Metro

Don’t let issues with your camper trailer ruin your next overnight voyage into the great outdoors. Contact Arvu Auto today for the finest camper trailer repair services in the Cokato and Watertown areas!

We offer trailer repair services in the greater Cokato area including DasselHoward Lake, Kingston, Waverly, Winsted, and other surrounding cities. Call today!


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