Suspension & Alignment Services in Kingston, MN

Are you in need of suspension and alignment services in the Kingston area?


Your suspension and steering systems are crucial to driving safely on the roads of Kingston. In the event of an accident, you need to be able to steer away quickly. If your steering and suspension components aren’t aligned properly, it can be a disaster. Poorly aligned suspension systems can also affect the lifespan of your tires and other parts of your car.

Reliable Suspension & Alignment Experts

At Arvu Auto, our mechanics can solve any suspension or steering problems plaguing your vehicle. To identify the problem, we carry out an in-depth inspection. Once we’ve found the issue, our dedicated team can adjust or realign your suspension or steering components. We’ll then test your automobile on the road in Kingston to make sure that it’s safe to drive.


It can be tricky to tell if your suspension is misaligned or if your steering system has an issue. 

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    If you have encountered trouble steering your vehicle or have heard unusual noises when hitting bumps in the road, contact our mechanics immediately to arrange an inspection. Whether you experience these issues or not, it’s best to get your suspension evaluated once a year.

    The Best Suspension & Steering Services in Kingston

    Your suspension and steering systems need to be kept in excellent condition so that your car handles properly. Give Arvu Auto a call today for the best suspension and alignment services in the Kingston area!


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