Suspension & Alignment Services in Dassel, MN

Is your vehicle badly needing suspension and alignment services in the Dassel area?


While driving on the roads of Dassel, you rely on your vehicle’s steering and suspension to turn corners and absorb bumps. If your suspension isn’t aligned properly, you may not be able to turn quickly enough to avoid an accident. Suspension and steering issues can also impact the lifespan of your tires and other components on your vehicle.

Suspension Alignment Specialists

Here at Arvu Auto (fka Fairprice Auto), our experienced suspension specialists can inspect your suspension and steering systems for serious issues. We can make any necessary adjustments to realign your suspension before road-testing your car on the streets of Dassel to ensure that it is safe to drive. We can also repair or replace damaged or faulty suspension and steering components.


As you’re driving along in Dassel, there are some signs to look out for that can alert you to potential steering or suspension issues. If your vehicle starts making strange noises when you drive over bumps or you have difficulty turning, contact our team to arrange an inspection.

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    Even if you don’t think there’s an issue with your suspension or steering, it’s worth getting these components checked out once a year. Regular inspections will help you stay safe while driving in Dassel.

    Dassel's Leading Suspension & Alignment Services

    If you’re concerned that your automobile has an issue with suspension or steering, get it fixed before you have an accident. Get in contact with Arvu Auto today for the most reliable suspension and alignment services in the Dassel area!


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